Track-1: The Sprinkle Route

The Effect

As the golden rays of the sun hit the morning dew on the beautiful green grass, you'll feel the rhythm of falling rain. It will make you believe that every day of our life is a new beginning.


This track creates melody using Indian instruments, sarangi and sarod. It will take you to the different territories of inner inspirations and enthusiasm.
The track has been created with base of Indian Classical Aheer Bhairav Raag. The raag occupies a unique place among morning Raagas and will occupy aunique place in your heart.

Suggested Imagination

Imagine sun has already come up in the sky. The environment around you is immersed in golden shining light with mesmerising sound of raining droplets. The light is entering into your soul through your body and making you more energetic, enthusiastic and more capable.

End Result

When the track ends, you will feel more energetic and capable of coping with your day to day problems and getting control over them.



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