Soul-e-Vacation is a unique concept created by HOLIDAY FREAKERS for the tourism enthusiasts who would like to stay safe in their home and yet enjoy the journey of tranquillity, peace and inner joy to refresh the life.

In this difficult time, we continued to work hard for creating memorable moments for you. We along with renowned Bollywood artists have evolved an entirely new concept of Internal Tourism. This unique virtual journey has its origin in the philosophy that “Music without words means leaving behind the mind. And leaving behind the mind means finding inner tranquillity. Inner tranquillity returns you to the source. And the source of entire evolution is sound.

We will take you on this journey through four original instrumental musical tracks that will not only satisfy your current urge for tourism but will also let you indulge into blissful experiences that you have never experienced before.

The Three easy steps will lead you to the tracks of your virtual & internal journey.

Book your ticket for the journey. Get Access to all the 4 tracks at a very nominal cost US $15. The track number 1 is provided complimentary for your experience. Believe us, the cost is not for the tracks but for creating a unique experience of buying a ticket for the exotic journey.

Start the journey. Indulging into the environment as mentioned on pages of the tracks. To make the journey come alive, we have provided soul refreshing images. Tracks are based on Indian Raga to make the feeling of time intense.

Click the mouse on proceed button and let the journey begin for experiencing new dimensions of tourism.