A great deal of Thailand's appeal is due to its geography. Thailand is blessed with two long, sinuous coastlines snaking their way down the gorgeous Andaman Sea and Gulf of Thailand. All that glitters is not just gold, but brilliant shades of azure and green accompanied by the swaying of palm trees amidst towering karst mountains and languid prismatic waters that make Thailand a tropical dream incarnate.

It is a land of stunning temples, palaces, silver sand beaches, massages and night life.

Key Facts – Thailand

•  Capital : Bangkok
•  Time Difference
: Thailand is 1.5 hrs ahead of India
•  Population
: 70 Million
•  Currency : Thai Baht ( THB)
•  Languages(s)
: Official-Thai, Others: Malay, Chinese and English
•  Visa (Indian National)
: Visa required
•  Climate
: Warm and Welcoming. Day time: approx.
33 degree and night time approx. 24 degree C