EUROPE – France, Germany, Switzerland, Italy, Spain, UK, Netherland, Greece & many more

Located in the Northern Hemisphere, Europe is the union of several peninsulas and islands.
Europe - Most visited continent in the world. From stunning natural beauty to deep-rooted culture and traditions that stand strong till date, and from vibrant culinary experiences that delight the taste buds in the best kind of way to fun festivals that promise something for everyone –

Key Facts – Europe

•  Time Difference
: India is ahead of most European countries bt 3.5 hours
•  Currency
: Euro
•  Languages(s)
: English, French, German, Spanish, Russian, Italian, Swedish, Portuguese
•  Visa (Indian National)
: Schengen visa is required
•  Things to do in Europe
: Explore Art Galleries, Museums, Castles and Churches
•  Festivals in Europe
: Cultural festivals and events in Spain and Italy