Gandhi is probably the most famous Indian movie of all time. Released in 1982 and directed by Richard Attenborough, the movie is based on the life and trials of Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi, the man responsible for India's independence from the British Empire and possibly India’s most famous personality. The story depicts the carnage and violence that occurred in the struggle for independence from the 300 years of colonial ruling, and the effects after it was achieved.


Starring the attractive and most beloved Indian actor, Aamir Khan, who also produced other popular movies, is set at the end of the 19th century India, in the Victorian times of the British Raj. The inhabitants of the small Gujarati town of Champaner find themselves burned by unfairly high taxes imposed by the British Captain at the local cantonment set to protect them. When the arrogant British officer wagers a game of cricket to avoid the taxes for the following three years, Aamir Khan accepts on behalf of the entire province. You may think that cricket is a Indian sport, but for the inhabitants of this tiny village, it was foreign, considered only a high society sport played by the wealthy. For three months, with the help of the Captain’s sister, the locals train to win the game, amid lots of singing, dancing, waiting for the Monsoon rains and, of course, a love story or two.

Lagaan was the first Indian movie to win an Oscar for Best foreign language movie in 2002 and was also ranked as the 100 best movies of world cinema.


This drama is based on the true story of a child from Kolkata who falls asleep on a train and gets separated from his family, ending hundreds of kilometers away from home in Kolkata. After trying to survive alone, he is taken into an orphanage and finally adopted and raised by an Australian couple.

Years later, in search of his roots, he sets on an obsessive hunt to find the village where he was born with the help of Google Earth. He finally finds it and reunites with his long lost mother. This is a beautiful and emotional movie which highlights the true spirit of love, not bound by blood, race or religion.

Slumdog Millionaire

This is one of the most popular and well known movies about India. Slumdog Millionaire brought 21st-century life from the streets of India to regular households and is based on a real story.

Directed by Danny Boyle (of Trainspotting), this British drama and love story was mostly shot in the slums of Mumbai, and showcases the physical and mental abuse of organised gangs over street children, going as far as to maim or blind them to gather more sympathy when begging.

The story is that of three poor, illiterate children from the slums, two boys and one girl, and their trials and tribulations to survive.

The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel

This movie was shot between Jaipur and Udaipur and is based on the hotel Ravala Khempur, located one and half hour drive from Udaipur, and its long-term guests. This comedy drama tells the story of seven retirees from the UK who end up in Rajasthan, at what they had assumed would be an idyllic and affordable hotel to retire to a quiet life and live well with their low British pension. The movie is based on a book written by Deborah Moggach called These Foolish Things and tells of the comical moments and stories as the pensioners immerse themselves in that part of India, where foreigners are rare. Expecting to be heading to a peaceful existence, the long term residents of The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel end up in the chaos of India, the unexpected, the inability to plan and the many adventures that await them.

Darjeeling Limited

It relates the story of three very different brothers who embark on a train journey, a year after not seeing each other. Wes Anderson got his train inspiration from the actual Darjeeling Express train, his personal favourite, and the first Himalayan Railway in India which is still in use. The movie was however shot in Rajasthan, mostly in Jodhpur. This is a great movie about India for anyone who likes quirky comedies with a happy ending and for those who love train journeys, especially in India.

Chak De India

It is the story of a coach's fight of making his team, Team India by overcoming their diverse backgrounds, by learning to use everything that life hurls on them as a secret weapon. It's a story about honesty, sincerity and integrity. The Film became a cult classic and won its leading man the National Award and put the Indian National Sport "Hockey", back on the map.